Jesús Majem talks about the importance for entrepreneurs of knowing the project when creating a startup

Jesús Majem

Impulsa Innovación / Alejandro Vázquez Rodríguez


Jesús Majem stands out in his profile for being an Industrial Engineer and expert in Business Administration and Management. For 20 years, he has been a managing partner of a logistics engineering company called AB Brain. He currently also appears as patron of the Fundación Fútbol Club Barcelona for half a year.

From his experience, he advises first-timers in the entrepreneurial world to set up the startup they want if they are excited about it. He affirms that “The job opportunities of the future are going to come hand in hand with entrepreneurship.” Maximum dedication is what Majem considers necessary to develop the project idea. In addition, complementary support must be sought for one's own profile.

Even so, he is not very much in agreement with “undertaking to undertake”. For Jesús Majem, knowledge and conviction are the key.

Before any project that arises, he prefers to interview the CEO or founder of the project. In addition, he must carry out an analysis and forecasting before moving forward with the investment.

Central America has been home to his experiences and experiences in the startup world. He not only teaches at universities in Peru and Chile, but his own company, AB Brain, has offices in Buenos Aires and Lima. As a result of this, he highlights what a good opportunity it is to work with intercontinental mixed teams.

In the Latin American region, the opportunities of e-commerce are very high because it has not been exploited. He invested in an e-commerce logistics company in Colombia so that they can collaborate here with artificial intelligence.

After his frequent visits to the Canary Islands, he is clear that there is great potential. He highlights the climate, usually mentioned, as well as islands like Lanzarote where he worked with a supermarket chain. Based on this, he is clear that the archipelago and, especially La Palma, there is an option to undertake in ecology and tourism.

Regarding tokenization, he believes that it is conducive to startups. This is due to the difficulty of obtaining investments of high amounts. Through tokens or alternatives such as crowdfunding, he can attract investors who are willing to offer 100 or 200 euros.

For Majem, it is important that the project and the team are known before investing. He gives the example of his participation in Fintek, a company in which he invested, and it did not work out quite as he expected. However, by dedicating himself to other logistics companies, which is his specialty, he has been able to obtain better opportunities.