Why Software Nearshoring to Canary Islands is Worth it?

Startups Software Nearshoring

The process of outsourcing for your business from relatively close regions is called nearshoring. It depends on both sides, either geographically or culturally. Its models provide you with better communication, and for that purpose, you don’t need to adjust a different time zone for your work. You also do not need to adopt a legal culture of another country from which you want to outsource service.

Canary Islands is one of the most popular regions for nearshoring by many European countries that provide the best services for many companies facing the problem of staff shortage. The sunny Canary Islands supports such types of companies by providing them with their trained staff. So nearshoring Gran Canaria, Tenerife o Lanzarote can be a great idea.

According to the information published in a official information site, “from financial advantages and a qualified workforce, to unrivalled weather and short commuting times, the Canary Islands boast an all-encompassing site location offer that is hard to resist”.

“The Canary Islands are easy to get around and their transportation network is excellent, resulting in short commuting times pretty much everywhere in them. The Site Selection survey of corporate real estate executives (2018) tells us that transportation infrastructure is the second most important factor when choosing a new site location. Needless to say, the Spanish archipelago ranks very high in this regard. These eight islands offer 8 national and 6 international airports serving over 35 million travellers every year (under normal circumstances)”, according to the same official sources.

Good Market of skills, linked to Latin America

Software nearshoring to canary developers are experts in their coding skills and have a strong command of many other skills. They have strong knowledge of marketing skills to deal with any customer efficiently. They can quickly gather different clients from different platforms and make them agree to work with them efficiently.

In addition, there is an excellent connection between developers in the Canary Islands and in Latin America, for language reasons and historical relationships with countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia or Ecuador.

Accommodation for digital nomads and coliving-cohousing spaces for startups

As a digital nomad, there is no way around it: even when the sun is out, work needs to get done. New coliving spaces offer you as much comfort as possible and créate  different settings from where you can work. When you are staying at a coliving space, you have 24/7 access to the fully equipped workspace with high speed internet. With a beautiful view over the town and sea.

The commercial literature of this type of spaces is really poetic: “Live at the moment and in the present. Enjoy the sensations here and now, discover the small details... Carpe diem, my friend. Tomorrow is yet to come!”, “live and work at your own pace, let yourself be carried away by sensations and seek curiosity. Meet new people, explore other cultures... And enjoy!”, “every day is a new adventure, an opportunity to do something new and different…”

The Canary Islands give you all the options to settle and work in an environment well known by Europeans: multi-national or independent digital nomad accommodation, short-term apartment lets, coliving accommodation, hotel, hostel, Airbnb, house swap, lodging, couch surfing or even caravan.


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