Welcome Britain

"My name is Tom. I am Tom Kelly..." These were the first sentences of my first English book. I was nine years old at that time and it was 43 years ago. I am almost an old man and I feel Great Britain as my second country. I write this article thinking in one of my best friends, Peter Ecob, a charming man who decided a long, long time ago to open me his life and his house without expecting anything. He did that in the period when the pubs had limited hours and the average British never drank wine. Britain is Britain, but is Europe and has always been generous with the so called continent. I care UK.

Welcome Britain. You are part of our dreams. Nothing is so great than listening a good British friend joking about the Spanish Armada and the great defeat. We can joke because that will never happen again. We were great enemies and we are good friends. We have adopted some good things of the other, but we are still different and that will be for ever and ever. 

I can not start a single day without my cup of tea. I drink the most common trademark in UK, PG tips. I used to have them brought from the islands, but in the last ten years I can buy those tips in my local supermarket. Good quality stuff, not like that funny taste tea we used to buy here as English Breakfast. This is good. I am Spanish, but I feel comfortable being European, just like my friend Peter. Why not?

We do not see each other every year, but we keep in touch. A month ago he came to Vitoria, my hometown, to see me for five days. It was great to have fun together again. He just took a flight, without any passport control, and I collected him in the airport. I can assure that he is still very English and that he has not forgotten his language or the way he lives. He is tough with European burocracy, but that is a very popular idea all over Europe. How can the country, an island, with the most spread lenguage in the world be afraid of its identity? It is impossible. Everybody all over the world is trying to learn English.

Britain and British, you are welcome and we do not want you to change. That is impossible. Do not vote Brexit please.

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