Impulsa Startups creates four idiomatic editions of its content and already contributes 20% of its audience

Impulsa Startups

Impulsa Startups creates four idiomatic editions of its content in Spanish, to adapt it to English, French, German and Italian. This is the first time in the 22-year history of Canarias Ahora, and the 10 years of, that content is published in a language other than Spanish.

“Canarias Ahora and Impulsa Ventures are going to develop activities and programs that stimulate this transformation, where the youngest can find resources and spaces to incubate their new digital businesses, the way they intend to change the world. And where entrepreneurs and freelancers learn to provide a second life to their activities to adapt them to this global and digital world”, stated Carlos Sosa in his inaugural article on the channel.

“That is why Canarias Ahora approaches Impulsa Startups not only to inform, but to act. And that it does so from the Canarian horizon as a starting point, not as a single territory of operations, since our world and startups are global today, in the era of artificial intelligence, 5G, sensorization, robots or the metaverse”, Sosa added.

This is the reason why relevant content published in Spanish, or articles specifically designed for other regions, have a idiomatic reflection in English, French, German and Italian and already contribute 20% of the channel's audience.

Ten countries concentrate reading in the four language versions: the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. If we analyze it by subcontinent, reading in browsers other than Spanish is distributed between North America (7.5%), Northern Europe (6.3%), Eastern Europe (2.4%) and Eastern Europe (1.9%), mainly.


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